Randy Moss’s Delusional (but Effective) PR

Otis Taylor of the 1970s Chiefs.

Otis Taylor of the 1970s Chiefs.

Amazing how an underachiever like Randy Moss can make a totally ridiculous statement–that he’s the greatest wide receiver of all time–and announcers on ESPN TV and radio spend multiple hours discussing a statement everyone knows is false. (Randy: kudos for getting people to talk about you.)

Another thing: Mike&Mike this morning were comparing Moss to who they thought were the greatest wide receivers of all time–Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter. Astonishingly, the wide receiver position actually existed before the 1990s.

Mike Greenberg said the NFL had never seen speed like Randy Moss at the wide receiver position. Uh–Olympian Bob Hayes? World-class sprinter Cliff Branch? Oh yeah, that was before 1990.

I realize they didn’t throw the ball as much in earlier years, so wide receivers didn’t rack up the stats like today’s receivers. But there are a bunch of guys who might have had amazing stats if they had played with Montana and Young: Swann, Stallworth, Hayes, Biletnikoff, Largent, Berry, Lofton, Joiner, Maynard, Pearson, Alworth, Warfield, and one of my personal favorites who never makes “best” lists, Otis Taylor of the Chiefs (anybody remember him? Len Dawson to Tayor–great combo.).

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