Scenes From Our Christmas

Here are a few shots from Christmas Eve at the Dennie home. I’m quite aware that my lovely wife, Pam, is not in any of these photos. Please understand that I did take photos of her, but that none would have passed her quality control.

Click on the photo on the left, and a much larger version will appear in a popup window.

ChristmasTree2009_1000.jpg We’ve had this Christmas tree for around 15 years now.
Fireplace_1200.jpg I finally cranked up our fireplace on Christmas Eve. The big wreath belonged to Pam’s Dad, Chuck, who died two years ago.
Fontanini_1000.jpg I’ve always loved manger scenes. Used to rearrange our manger scene all the time as a kid. Pam and I usually add a couple Fontanini pieces each year (we have around 50), but didn’t find any this year.
Steve_crockpot.JPG Pam got me a new, 6 quart crockpot with a clamp-down lid, perfect for church potlucks. Yes, I put this on my Christmas list.
Jordi_Peppermint1000.jpg Jordi loved the smell of these peppermint candies that Pam got me. As if it were catnip.
Molly_catnip950.jpg Molly, meanwhile, being more discriminating, loved the bona fide catnip which Grandma Barb sent from California. Really perked her up.
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