School Prayer Will Solve Everything!

huckabee-gunsMike Huckabee blames the school massacre in Connecticut on removing prayer from public schools. Really, Mike? God brings judgment on a nation by killing 6 and 7 year-olds with an assault rifle? Interesting God you serve. Or maybe you’re just drawing a totally obvious cause-and-effect?

During my lifetime, I’ve heard all kinds of societal ills blamed on that 1963 Supreme Court decision banning school prayer. It’s the reason for the divorce rate, crime, drugs, the crisis du jour. But why stop there? Let’s also blame 1963 for Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the debt crisis, Justin Bieber, low voting rates, declining church attendance, MS Windows, teen pregnancy, AIDS, poor math scores, illegal immigration, and the Macarena. And if we go off the fiscal cliff, let’s blame that on the lack of school prayer, too.

That way, we can blame everything on something that happened in 1963, rather than on our own present-day irresponsibility.

The school massacre is all about school prayer. It has nothing to do with guns or mental illness.


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