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facebook-shareLately on Facebook, I’ve been asked to “Share” in these situations:

  • I support cancer research.
  • I see the hidden horse in a picture.
  • I think some children need to learn the meaning of respect.
  • I support a pastor imprisoned in Iran.
  • I believe water is good for you.
  • I love my mom.
  • I believe in the power of prayer.
  • I have some amazing friends who mean the world to me.
  • I think it should be unconstitutional to use tax money to help other countries.
  • I support the troops.

I didn’t share in any of those situations, which obviously means I’m a non-praying, unpatriotic, friendless liberal who opposes cancer research, doesn’t care about persecuted Christians, isn’t health conscious, disrespects authority, hates horses, and has mommy issues. And, I obviously don’t like to share.

Sorry, but I don’t do the “share” thing on Facebook. At least, not if somebody asks me to share, or tries to make me feel guilty if I don’t share (“Share if you love Jesus”). Tell me to do something, and I won’t. Not on Facebook, anyway.

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  1. Pat Werths

    Oh, I get SO irritated by the “If you love Jesus” posts, especially when accompanied by the “Deny me on earth and I will deny you in heaven”. I maintain that if my relationship with Jesus is dependent on my email. I have a lot more to worry about tham I thought…

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