Shooting Fireworks at Stu’s House

Every year our family gathers at my brother Stu’s house in Convoy, Ohio, to shoot off fireworks. Some crazy stuff happens. This year, Stu and his sons Benjamin and Jonathan were dueling with Roman Candles. They would stand a good ways apart, light the candles, and then hold onto one end as fireballs shot out the other. The goal was to hit one of the other persons. They each got hit at least once. Stu has a big cut on the back of one leg where a fireball hit him. 

They are trained professionals. Don’t try this at home.

Another amusement is watching the dogs–little yappy Toby and big Wrench–barking at the fireworks. Stu bought one huge string of firecrackers, and the dogs went nuts as it went on and on. That’s what’s in the video below. (If you’re reading this in Facebook, click on the “View Original Post” link to see the video.)

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