Steve’s Favorite Fort Wayne-area Foods

Okay, Fort Wayne people. I’ve compiled my favorite foods from Fort Wayne area restaurants. I called them “favorite” rather than “best,” because there are many restaurants I’ve not got around to trying. I can only speak to my personal favorites.

So if you’ve got a favorite in one of these categories, chime in. I’m always interested in where to find great food.

Favorite ribs: Texas Roadhouse. Honorable mention:: brown sugar ribs at Smokey Bones.

Favorite sandwich: Frisco melt at Steak ‘n Shake. Honorable mention: New Orleans sandwich at McAlister’s Deli.

Favorite dessert: Maple Butter Blondie at Applebees. Honorable mention: donuts at Smoke Bones.

Favorite salad: Oriental chicken salad at Applebees. Honorable mention: Casa Ristorante and Olive Garden.

Favorite hamburger: the double at Five Guys.

Favorite fish: Crispy Tilapia at Don Halls Tavern at Coventry.

Favorite appetizer: pretzel bones at Smokey Bones.

Favorite coney dogs: Dog & Suds.

Favorite wings: Buffalo Wings & Ribs. Honorable mention: smoked wings at Smokey Bones.

Favorite pasta: garlic shrimp oreganata at Biaggis.

Favorite dinner bread: Biaggis.

Favorite rolls: Logans.

Favorite sub: club at Penn Station.

Favorite onion rings: Flannigans.

Favorite tea: peach tea at Smokey Bones. Honorable mention: McAlister’s Deli.

Favorite donuts: iced cruller and vanilla cream filled long johns at Scotts.

Favorite french fries: curly fries at Buffalo Wings & Ribs. Also: Steak ‘n Shake and Penn Station.

Favorite steaks: Prime Rib at Don Hall’s Guesthouse. Also: campfire steak at Red River Steakhouse.

Favorite breadsticks: Fazolis.

Favorite soup: potato cheese soup at Red River Steakhouse. Honorable mention: chicken and wild rice at Panera Bread.

Favorite lasagna: Casa Ristorante.

Favorite ice cream: Zesto vanilla.

Favorite pizza: Pizza Junction in Huntington. Honorable mention: Hungry Howie’s with butter-cheese crust.

Favorite pancakes: Spyros.

Also worth mentioning: brisket at Red River Steakhouse, dumplings at Cracker Barrel,

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