Super Bowl 50, or L?

The Super Bowl always uses Roman numerals. So the 50th Super Bowl in 2016 will be Super Bowl L. I suppose some shallow minds think Roman numerals are more sophisticated, and as we know, football is only for the most highly evolved. Kind of like calling a building “Centre” instead of “Center,” thinking that the British spelling will make the building appear more culturally polished.

The 2016 Super Bowl host committee, in San Francisco, has asked the NFL for permission to use the Aramaic “50.” I fully support that, for the same reason I refuse to order a “grande” or “venti” drink at a coffeeshop. I always, ALWAYS, out of good American principle, ask for a small, medium, or large.

Why do we want to be like the Italians, with their silly Roman numerals and drink names? Let’s have Super Bowl 50, I say.

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