Superman Without Shorts

Comicbook Superman and movie Superman wore red shorts. But not (far right) the new Superman. For shame.

I learned today, much to my shock and dismay, that the new Superman won’t be wearing shorts. You know, those tiny red shorts he wears outside of his blue uniform, for some unknown but no doubt very important reason.

A new Superman m0vie is coming. They are, as they say, “rebooting” the franchise, like they did with Batman and the Hulk. Why they decided to remove his shorts, I don’t know. It seems unAmerican. Somebody should inform Michelle Bachman, so she could get the Tea Party riled up about it.

Superman has ALWAYS worn those red shorts. Can he still, truly, be Superman? Although, from a practical standpoint, I suppose it did take a little extra time, in that cramped phone booth, to pull on those shorts and get them situated properly. But still.

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