Ted Cruz for President


So Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz, who is expected to run for President, was born in Canada–absolutely no doubt about it. But since his mom was an American citizen, the argument goes, he’s qualified to be president. Then we have Barack Obama, whose mom was an American citizen, and for whom no evidence exists that he was born anywhere but in the United States. But SOME right wing people–including the same ones who would vote for Ted Cruz–still insist Obama’s unqualified to be president.

About half of Republicans, according to surveys, insist Obama isn’t eligible to be president. They agree that his mother was American, but since (as they believe) Barack wasn’t born in America, he’s not eligible. By their own logic, Ted Cruz isn’t eligible either.

But nobody should expect logic from the Tea Party. It’s fun reading some of the articles on the internet in which Tea Party types try to explain away their own hypocrisy.

Amusingly, birthers seem to be changing their argument. What they REALLY objected to, they now say, has nothing to do with whether or not Obama was born on US soil. Instead, it’s about a massive conspiracy on Obama’s part to alter the facts about his birth, fabricate a birth certificate, etc.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

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  1. Jeff Bleijerveld

    I think this is a tremendous development and an important step toward Canada’s takeover of the United States. Yes, it may seem Ted Cruz is acting alone but in fact the entire citizenry of Canada has been holding secret meetings at Tim Horton’s outlets for years. Already they own John Hancock Investments, Hudson’s Bay Company recently purchased Saks of New York and the Canadian banking and investment industry is firmly embedded (i.e. TD Waterhouse = Toronto Dominion Bank, CIBC Center = Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, RBC Insurance = Royal Bank of Canada). Americans fill their gas tanks with fuel from Canada and build their homes with Canadian softwood lumber. It’s time for Americans to surrender their arms and accept the inevitable – after all, that’s what Canadians do best.

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