The Amazing Johnny Seven

This is probably the coolest Christmas present I ever got. The Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army). My cousins Mike and Brad got one just like it.

Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma Welker. We had lots of fun destroying imaginary foes and tormenting our younger cousins.

People often mistake the United Brethren for one of the “peace” churches, like the Church of the Brethren or the Brethren in Christ. Uh, that’s not us.

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  1. Jim Kramer

    Such a wonderful Christmas memory when dad and I were at the store and he saw me ogling a Johnny Seven. I think it sold for about $7-8 so I knew there was NO WAY I would ever get something this nice for Christmas. When dad said, “would you like to have that?” I was in total disbelief when we walked out of the store with it that day. It took about 15-minutes for me to loose most of the small rifle bullets. Over the next couple years, attrition claimed the remaining projectiles. The fondest memory was a pesky loose tooth which found its end as it flew through the air, linked by a piece of string to the red anti-tank grenade.

    About this time last year, after telling my college age sons about the legendary Johnny Seven, I visited Ebay to see if there were still any in existence. To my delight, there were two available. The nicest one was still working, with all the projectiles and still in the original box! The “Buy it Now” price was $475, and considering how much enjoyment it had brought me, it was briefly considered. However I knew when it arrived at our home, I would probably be quizzed by my wife who would be more than mystified by the purchase (independent of price).

    Enjoy your blog Steve. Have a happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas!

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