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Yesterday I listened to “The Five” on FoxNews while driving home from work. They introduced a segment about school discipline by implying that removing spanking from schools was just part of a misguided liberal agenda. But when they discussed the idea, I think none of those hardline conservatives actually believed in school spanking–at last not for their own kids. A couple mentioned being personally spanked when they were schoolkids, but didn’t come out in favor of it now.

So I’m asking my conservative Facebook friends–do you believe spanking should still be allowed in schools?

This means letting other adults…

  • Decide if your child is guilty of something.
  • Decide that the transgression merits a spanking.
  • Decide the severity of the spanking.
  • Carry out the spanking.

Are you okay with that? Have you, if required, signed waivers to let your child be physically punished at school?

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  1. Russel Trojan

    While I am a firm believer in corporal punishment, I do not trust the teachers to apply it fairly or consistently. Having raised my own children and now watching my grandchildren, too many teachers have an over-inflated sense of their own morality. And, too many teachers have a social agenda that is inconsistent with my own. So, even though I believe it a valuable practice, I cannot support those that would administer it.

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