The Many Shades of Gay Marriage


“Are you for or against gay marriage?”

People want to make this a simple issue with black-and-white divisions. Yes or no. Up or down. Like or dislike.

But for me, weighing issues both as a Christian and as a citizen of nation which exalts personal freedom and pluralistic beliefs, there are a whole lot of in-between nuances, caveats, and scenarios to consider. Here are some views you’ll find people taking on the issue.

  • Opposed to any type of homosexual activity in American society, period.
  • Accepting of persons of homosexual orientation, but not of homosexual sexual activity.
  • Opposed to homosexual activity by a Christian, but not willing to impose this on nonChristians and society at large.
  • Okay with homosexual activity between consenting adults, including gay marriage.
  • Okay with gay partnerships, but not okay with any official stamp of approval, whether it be civil unions or marriage.
  • Okay with allowing civil unions for Christians, but not with gay marriage for Christians.
  • Okay with gay marriage, as long as a minister doesn’t perform the wedding.
  • Okay with gay marriage, including ceremonies conducted by a minister, as long as the wedding doesn’t occur in a church.
  • Okay with gay marriage among nonChristians, but not with gay marriage among Christians.
  • Personally opposed to gay marriage, but as a citizen of a pluralistic country, feel it should be allowed.
  • You can’t possibly be gay and a Christian at the same time.

Those are a few nuances that come to mind, and there’s some overlap. I’m sure I’m missing other possible nuanced views.

So don’t ask me if I’m for or against gay marriage. It’s more complicated than yes or no.


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