The Miracle Between Good Friday and the Resurrection

who-is-this-manI just finished the marvelous book “Who is This Man?”, by John Ortberg. I highly, highly recommend it. Wonderful new (to me) insights into Jesus and his influence throughout history. (And an introduction by Condoleeza Rice!)

Ortberg concludes with chapters titled “Friday,” “Saturday,” and “Sunday.” “Friday” is about the crucifixion, and “Sunday” is about the resurrection. Countless books have been written about Friday and Sunday. But what is there to say about Saturday? Not even the Bible says anything about Saturday.

Well, Ortberg delivered a number of great thoughts, including this one.

“Saturday,” he writes, “is the day your dream died. You wake up and you’re still alive. You have to go on, but you don’t know how.”

And then this musing, which really intrigues me. Ortberg writes that we think of Sunday as being the miraculous day, when Jesus rises from the dead. But he wonders if, from heaven’s viewpoint, the greater miracle, or reason for wonder, occurred on Saturday.

“The miracle of Sunday is that a dead man lives. The miracle of Saturday is that the eternal Son of God lies dead.”

A fascinating thought.

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