The Chinese Secret Plan of Conquest


Christine O’Donnell has seen China’s “carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America.”

That statement, according to James Fallows of the Atlantic, came in 2006 during a Senate primary debate. She was criticizing one of her opponents–a man of Chinese ancestry, Jan Ting, a law school prof–of appeasement for suggesting that China and the US were economically dependent and should work together.

Yes, she looked across the platform, saw a Chinese-American, and assumed he must be in bed with Mainland China. Just like all those Japanese-Americans during WW2 were actually beholden to Emperor Hirohito.

Said O’Donnell: “We have to look at our history and realize that if they pretend to be our friend, it’s because they’ve got something up their sleeve.”

She said she was privy to classified information which, when pressed, she said came from nonprofit groups that send missionaries to China. So the Chinese are not too protective of their masterplan to conquer the US.

O’Donnell was pulling the same stunt Dick Cheney regularly pulled in justifying torture by saying that torture had uncovered big terrorist plots. But when questioned, he would claim access to classified information which he couldn’t divulge. “If you could see what I’ve seen, you would agree with me.” So how can you disprove it?

Anyway, Sarah and the Tea Party picked an excellent candidate. Anyone who can uncover an enemy’s masterplan for conquest–I want that person on our side. Besides, I can’t wait to hear all the interesting things she’ll say as a sitting Senator.

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