The Vanishing Spoon


Is there a conspiracy to eliminate the spoon from Western Civilization?

I ate at Applebees yesterday and had some rice pilaf in a bowl. But when I unwrapped the napkin, all it contained was a knife and fork. Have you tried to scoop rice out of a rounded bowl with a long-tined fork?

At Smokey Bones, I love their roasted corn. However, they serve it in a small round crock…and like Applebees, they don’t give you a spoon. Pam and I always ask for a spoon, so we can eat the corn without swearing.

But why should we have to ask for a spoon? Corn + rounded crock = Must Have Spoon. A no-brainer to me.

Did some restaurant exec figure out how much money the chain can save in a year by not buying spoons? How much would be saved in dishwashing expenses by eliminating one-third of the dinnerware?

Then you go to some fancy restaurant, and they give you three forks. I don’t understand.

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