Those FoxNews Blondes

FoxNews blondes hired by Roger Ailes over the years.

Roger Ailes, head of FoxNews, has a real thing for blondes.

He has three basic requirements for female correspondents and anchors:

  • You’re blonde.
  • You’re white.
  • You look good wearing a very short skirt and sitting on an open couch, chair, or stool. (Because Roger’s certainly not going to put you behind a tasteful desk.)

Imagine two women sitting outside Roger Ailes’ office, waiting to be interviewed for a job at FoxNews. One is a blonde in a short skirt. The other is a brunette wearing…well, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing. You know who’s getting the job.

Yes, you’ll occasionally see a Hispanic, and there’s Michelle Malkin to represent Asians. Roger Ailes lets them keep their dark hair. But with few exceptions, if you’re a white woman and your name is not Sarah Palin, he requires that you be blonde, or at least heavily highlighted.

I have trouble telling the FoxNews women apart. They all tend to look like Megyn Kelly.

Roger’s predilections apparently don’t bother conservative women viewers. Hey, he’s a powerful guy and a champion of conservative values, so he can hire whoever he wants. And the correspondents themselves don’t mind being objectified. Though I imagine it gets uncomfortable sometimes sitting rigidly on that couch, knowing you don’t dare move your legs until the next commercial break.

In the photo (click to enlarge): Some of the blondes over the years at FoxNews and Fox Business Channel. Row 1 (top row): Juliet Huddy, Ainsley Earhardt, Jamie Colby, Jill Dobson, Molly Hennenberg, Molly Line, Paige Hopkins, Ginger Williams, Nicole Petallides. Row 2: Dana Perino, Megyn Kelly, Molly Line, Alisyn Camerota, Lis Wiehl, Margaret Hoover. Molly Falconer, Alicia Acuna, Melissa Francis. Row 3: Martha McCallum, Jennifer Eccleston, Lauren Sivan, Jane Skinner, Sandy Rios, Janice Dean, Meredith Whitney, Brooke Alexander, Sandra Smith. Row 4: Courtney Friel, ED Hill, Ann Coulter, Gretchen Carlson, Marianne Rafferty, Elizabeth Prann, Lisa Bernhard, Claudia Cowan, Gerri Willis. Row 5: Heather Childers, Heather Nauert, Cheryl Casone, Donna Fiducia, Monica Crowley, Jenna Lee, Lind Vester, Rita Cosby, Louise Pennell. Row 6: Shannon Bream, Greta Von Sustern, Laura Dhue, Caroline Shively, Laura Ingle, Amy Kellogg, John Gibson, Glenn Beck, Steve Doocy.

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5 Comments to Those FoxNews Blondes

  1. david Atherton

    Got a chuckle out of this in large part because over the past couple weeks I have felt a brunetting of this particular workforce.

    I think there may be something else at hand. There was a beautiful gal at one of the companies I visit regularly. Over a couple years, I got to know the young woman fairly well. Although we did not ever meet outside of the office, I had a number of conversations with her that were not work related and went beyond “How ya doin?”

    One of these conversations regarded hair color. I THINK her natural color was blond but there was a time when she was a brunette. I asked her about that and she indicated it was a test to see how people reacted to her. She then went on to say the reaction, across the board, men, women, strangers, everything was far better as a blond than as a brunette.

    Ailes is a smart man. He knows sex sells. Who of us men do not observe a fine bit of Divine engeneering when it passes by? (Hopefully we observe it from the perspective of the beauty of a rainbow: beautiful but no desire to possess.) I think Ailes knows people will watch blonds more than brunettes regardless of brain power and uses that to sell. Smart guys take everything into account.

  2. Huh! Leave it up to you to notice the proliferation of blondes. However, me thinks that some of them don’t come that way … naturally. What I want to know, is WHERE are the gorgeous (natural) red heads?

  3. Alan Buckner

    It is very interesting that a organization that tends to focus on a more conservative audience would try this stuff. I can’t believe that the women’s groups aren’t all over this. Don’t blame women who want a job and are willing to put up with changing their natural hair color and showing their legs off to get noticed. Do blame an organization that would believe that those of us who would watch Fox news would only watch blonde talking heads. Gosh the best talking head is Robin Meade on Headline News and she if both discrete, modest, and clearly not blonde.

  4. Michael

    There are a few brunette white babes, see “The Five”: Kimberley Guilfoyle, and Andrea Tantaros. Ok, Guilfoyle’s mom is Puerto Rican, and Tantaros is Greek. Guess you’re right, they’re blonde, or ethnic. Regardless, they’re (almost) all babes (exception: Greta van Susteren).

  5. Shannon Reddy

    Wow. Why is it that the main focus is that everyone on Fox News is a blonde? Honestly, it’s pretty pathetic that you are worried about the hair color of people from Fox News regardless of the story that they deliver. Really, worth about something that matters… How about global warming, oh wait, is that climate change now?

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