Thoughts on Michael

I’m trying to think of something profound to write about Michael Jackson. I don’t care to comment on his weird side, and it appears I was somewhat indifferent to his music. I liked his music, but wasn’t crazy about it.

There were certainly songs I really liked listening to. I always liked “Ben.” And “We are the World,” which was a collaboration. But on stage and in his videos, he was mesmerizing. To hear some of those songs by themselves on the radio–nothing special for me. But watching him move in those videos–that was always special.

I heard that record exec Berry Gordy said something like this: “A Michael Jackson doesn’t come around once in a lifetime, or once in a century. He comes around once.”

Now THAT’S profound. 

You could say the same about a handful of other entertainers: Elvis, the Beatles (as a group), and I can’t think of anybody else.

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