Too Many People to Salute


An article in the November 4 Time magazine argued that the US military is way too top-heavy.

  • During World War 2, we had 2000 generals and admirals, 1 for every 6000 troops. Now we have 900 generals and admirals–1 for every 1500 troops.
  • During WW2, we had 1 officer for every 8 enlisted men. Now, it’s 1 for every 5.

The glut of officers leads to unnecessary bureaucracy to keep officers busy with questionable work. The Army says the 20-year pension requirement keeps too many mediocre officers around.

Higher-paid officers require higher benefits. One retired Marine officer says, “We’re going to turn the Department of Defense into a benefits company that occasionally kills a terrorist.”

Interesting stuff to think about.

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  1. I read your comments on Thor and Flynn. You lost me when you made it political. Like the comments about Fox news talking points and Beck. Keep your comments on things you know about. Think god that Thor and Flynn were different. Who gives a care what the name of the hero is. So You lost all credibiltiy with me. I did read most the Flynn and Thor Novels and enjoyed them all.

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