Turning 48

Another birthday yesterday. Doesn’t seem to have affected me any. The big 5-0 is just two years around the bend. Thus far, none of the biggies (30, 40) have bothered me, but I kinda think 50 will. Maybe not.

Pam got me some Christian CDs, a sweatshirt, and box of DeBrands truffles (yum!). We went to a movie, then to Red Lobster. Pam’s not a fish fan, so we normally don’t go there. But hey–it’s my birthday.

The movie was “Friday Night Lights.” It was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year–a Texas version of Hoosiers, focusing on high school football. The cinematography was very different, with lots of fast editing cuts. Billy Bob Thornton was the only recognizable actor, though country singer Tim McGraw had a major role (a boozing father of one of the players). McGraw was very good.

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