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Lauren Rosenberg, a Utah woman, needed to walk from Point A to Point B, so she asked Google Maps for the best route. The walking directions included walking a half-mile along a highway which didn’t have a pedestrian walkway. She followed Google’s directions…and got hit by a car.

Now she’s suing Google for $100,000 in damages, claiming that the walking directions should have warned her that the highway lacked a sidewalk. Actually, Google Maps DOES include this warning:

“Walking directions are in beta. Use caution–This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.”

But Rosenberg says that warning didn’t show up on her Blackberry.

Here’s a thought: couldn’t she SEE that there was no walkway?

Has Lauren Rosenberg no capacity for independent thought? Did she not “look both ways” before crossing roads, because Google didn’t specifically tell her to?

If she were to win this lawsuit, Google, Yahoo, and Mapquest would be forced to take their mapping services offline until they can be sure that all of the bases are covered. And “all” means literally trillions of combinations of potential map routes.

And then Google better start mapping all the potholes, lest someone, in following their directions, step in a pothole and twist an ankle.

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