Wanting to Hear “Well Done!”

The final leg along the outfield track, with hundreds of people shouting their congratulations.

The final leg of the Fort4Fitness races on Sept 30 was in Tin Caps Stadium. You entered onto left field, took the track all the way along the outfield fence, then came down the first base line and finished at home plate.

The highlight, for me, was finally walking into Tin Caps Stadium. Hundreds of people lined the fences above the track. They were clapping for us, cheering, shouting congratulations–“You did it!” It was an amazing feeling.

The Apostle Paul said he wanted to run the race well, so that at the end, he would be told, “Well done!” I thought of that as we walked along the outfield track. Imagine when a faithful Christian arrives in heaven. All the angels gather to welcome him, applauding and saying, “You did it! Well done! Welcome home!”

I have a couple people in mind who were lowly in the eyes of the world, receiving no accolades. Yet they were faithful servants of their Lord. And when they arrive in heaven, the angels are going to tell each other, “Hey, So-and-So is arriving! Hurry! We need to go welcome him!” And the cheering as they enter Heaven’s Gate will be resounding and overwhelming.

At least that’s how I imagine it. It won’t be anything like that. It’ll be infinitely better. But that’s the best my human mind can imagine for now.

And I want to be cheered.

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