Watching “Jonah” at Sight & Sound

The seaport at Joppa.

On my birthday last week, October 23, Pam and I were in Lancaster, Pa. That afternoon we saw the play “Jonah” at the Sight and Sound theatre.

Last summer, we saw “Noah” at the Sight and Sound theatre in Branson, Mo. It was spectacular. Unfortunately, we had that experience in our heads as we watched “Jonah,” which was still a superb production to a packed house, but paled in comparison.

Nevertheless, I liked “Jonah” a lot. Some of the musical numbers were excellent, the sets were astounding (the walls of Jericho, the fishing village of Joppa), and the story was creative. They ended with a strong presentation of the Gospel (as did “Noah”). Definitely a play I would recommend.

Next summer, perhaps Pam and I will visit Branson again, this time to see “Joseph.”

But I just can’t imagine anything topping “Noah,” particularly that awesome moment at the beginning of the second half when you realize you are inside the Ark.

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