What Republicans Have Said About Romney

This is quite enlightening, and troubling–a bunch of Republicans giving their candid criticisms of Mitt Romney.

My biggest problem with Romney is that he doesn’t seem to truly believe in anything. The man has no core. He has changed his views on so many issues, so many times, that–well, how can you NOT consider it deeply troubling?

How can we know what we’re getting as President? Which Romney will take the oath of office?

If his views are so squishy, why wouldn’t he change his views again as President?

Correction: there is one thing Romney believes in steadfastly: Mormonism. On that he has not wavered. So the only thing he’s truly committed to is a false religion.

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2 Comments to What Republicans Have Said About Romney

  1. Mike Schroeder

    I have to agree that this is quite troubling. I think the last debate was especially revealing of this. However, I also think that the last debate was a very different strategy for him. The greedy, warmonger that he has been accused of being did not come out and he has shown clearly the kind of person he is. This is the Mitt Romney we’ll get: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/opinion/x1272746888/Murdock-The-real-Mitt-Romneys-good-deeds What troubles me is if he does lose, we already know the Barack Obama we’ll get and people are amazingly still willing to vote for him. :-/

  2. Mark Welker

    Yes, we have found out just who Mitt is. And, he has even given us a plan for what he wants to do.

    On the other hand, Obama told the Des Moines Register some of what he wants to do in a second term and then decided he did not want anyone to hear it.

    Also, Obama is now Oil, Gas and Coal friendly but he previously said he wanted to put them out of business.

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