Who Gets Hit By Lightning?


Interesting little fact: of the 261 persons killed by lightning during the last seven years, 211 were men. The conclusion in the article I read: Men are stupid and think they are invincible.

Seven persons have been killed by lightning so far this year–all men. They were: fishing, closing car windows, riding a motorcycle, picking blueberries, roofing a business, and near tall trees. Men are more likely to do outdoors-related things.

Also interesting: lightning deaths have greatly dropped. In 1943, there were 432 lightning deaths, compared to just 13 in 2013. I guess people are spending a lot less time outdoors. Could this be an argument in favor of spending the day watching TV, or letting your kids hibernate in their rooms playing video games? Were my parents irresponsible for letting me roam around outside all the time?

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